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Let Them Eat Chicken: Religious Intolerance Is Bad for Business

Posted by on Sep 24, 2015 in Economy, Politics, Work, World | 0 comments

  by Chris Horst and Jeff Haanen Denver is on the rise. Construction cranes line the streets around Union Station. New residents arrive faster than we can house them. But as Denver surges, will our city be a place where religious people are permitted to live and work? Given the recent news, it’s a fair question to ask. Last month, a Denver federal appeals court ruled against Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic ministry serving low-income elderly and dying people in Colorado and around the world. The nuns believe new federal health care requirements force them to violate their faith by mandating they pay for abortion-inducing drugs for...

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams”: An Interview with Randy Samelson

Posted by on Sep 15, 2015 in Nonprofit | 0 comments

  “I have a dream!” It wasn’t only Martin Luther King, Jr. who said those words. Every entrepreneur – whether in a business or a nonprofit – has dreamed of building a great organization and accomplishing an inspiring vision. But most of those dreams hit a few speed bumps on the way. And too many dreams are often left to “someday,” and never see the light of day. Randon (Randy) Samelson, the founder of Counsel & Capital, has spent a lifetime around Christian leaders. His new book, Breakthrough: Unleashing the Power of a Proven Plan, was written for dreamers who want to actually see their aspirations accomplished. In this interview, Samelson shares about his...

The Expendable Worker: Looking for Hope in the On-Demand Economy

Posted by on Sep 11, 2015 in Economy, Work | 0 comments

“Low, low prices.” With that motto, a generation ago Walmart took over the world of retail. For years Walmart seemed untouchable; they could consume any competitor with volume, price and efficiency. Yet in the past several years, some have questioned whether the Walmart empire has a gaping hole in the center. Forbes reported in 2014 that “Walmart’s low-wage workers cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $6.2 billion in public assistance including food stamps, Medicaid and subsidized housing.” Americans for Tax Fairnessfound that “a single Walmart Supercenter cost taxpayers between $904,542 and $1.75 million per year, or between $3,015 and $5,815 on average for each of 300 workers.” When hourly workers go on strike...

A Prayer of Praise

Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Theology | 0 comments

Oh Lord, in you are waves of pleasure, oceans of joy! But our hearts seek pleasure in created things, rather than the Creator. Yet, we still long for a lasting satisfaction in the depths of our souls. Our hearts are restless, until they find rest in You! Draw us, Redeemer, Maker, Love Almighty, into the song of the universe! Oh planets and stars, corners of darkest space, be filled with His light! May your rotations and orbits be a timbre or praise! O supernovas, shine for Him! Oh angels, join me with shouts of praise! Together let’s serve him, the sweet joy of our hearts! Oh demons, you who...

Why Work Is at the Heart of God’s Mission

Posted by on Jul 28, 2015 in Theology, Work | 0 comments

Almost every Sunday morning at church, as we finish the final songs and benediction (and I prepare to pick up my crew of girls from Sunday School – now four!), I find myself asking the same question: What is the Church sent into the world to do? This is a question that my friends in pastoral ministry think about often. They do so because it’s so foundational. The “why” of Christian mission, I think, is far less in question: our motivation for ministry is the gospel of Jesus Christ, his atoning death for our sins and his resurrection for our salvation. The free gift of new life in Christ...

What Mary Poplin Taught Us About Being a Christian Teacher in Public Education (2 of 2)

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015 in Education | 0 comments

The Soul of Education Q&A – Dr. Mary Poplin from Denver Institute on Vimeo. [In a previous post, I summarized an interview I did with Dr. Mary Poplin, Professor of Education at Claremont Graduate University. In the previous post, Poplin challenged constructivism, shared her findings on highly effective teachers, and encouraged teachers to teach about religion in public schools in a way that is fair and truthful to each set of beliefs. In this post, she discusses how to redeem history, teach virtue, influence the moral climate of a school through prayer, and be both courageous and compassionate as a Christian teacher in public education.] 4. Don’t romanticize history...